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Film And Digital Photographer

Film photographer since early 90's. My first photography Instructor Harry Ibach took me under his wing and showed me everything from mixing my own chemicals to delicately burning and dodging prints. I later took those skills and learned more at Glendale College with such talents as Joan Watanabe, Franklin Odel, Jan Peterzak And Betty Cobb With their help I started Teaching kids from the ages of 8-18 photography at San Fernando Mission College Extention program. Now working at Samy‘s Camera Rental dept. I’ve been seen in the professional photo industry as a valuable contributing member. Working with such Great photographers like Jim Marshall, John Harrell , Brian Cross (B+) and Micheal Miller just to name a few. 


Film Projects

Shooting Instant, Medium Format, Large Format films. Always looking to document life as we know it. Give me the access and I’ll make you shine. 

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Daniel Lupercio Photography

(818) 359-8485